We’ve used Business Design to help enterprises of all sizes and across many sectors tackle a variety of challenges. 


Here are some of the ways that we help our clients:

Innovation Readiness Profiling

Identify opportunities for your enterprise to become more poised and equipped to innovate through Vuka’s profiling platform. 


Strategic Planning

Engage your team through the 3 Gears of Business Design to design a human-centered vision and strategy to win. 


Project Consulting

Solve a tough challenge through a co-creation project that engages the business team from conception through to strategy and activation. 


Business Design Workshops

Identify and develop innovation opportunities through a series of skill-building workshops tailored to your needs. 


Stakeholder Research

Identify new opportunities to meet unmet needs through a deeper and more holistic understanding of the people that matter to your enterprise and what matters to them.


Innovation Process Design

Co-design a customized innovation process to enhance your innovation culture and practices. 


Capacity-Building Programs

Build your capacity to innovate through knowledge and skill-building programs. 


Speaking Engagements

Heather has delivered speeches internationally on innovation relating to business, healthcare, organization engagement and education. Invite Heather to inspire your team members or all employees to solve challenges in new ways.