“Vuka Works made us think beyond the obvious with an orientation to building a successful product and service early on. It is a must for anybody looking for a modern tool for sharpening a business idea to a pitch-ready level.”

- Marwan Mazaraani,

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Vuka Works is an advanced thinking tool for those are ready to sharpen up their skills and build out their business idea.

Vuka Works is part how-to-do-it guide, and part coach for you. By providing a holistic framework and a structured way to build out your business idea, it stimulates your thinking and captures your most thoughtful and precise answers to important questions as you embark on your new venture.

And while Vuka Works requires disciplined and serious thinking that will truly test the veracity of your idea, it helps you to bring focus to your pursuit and to be more productive as you move into action. With well-considered answers to the most critical questions in building a business, you will have a compelling story to tell and be ready to turn your inspired idea into business!

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Through a series of thought-provoking modules, Vuka Works guides you through the stages of exploring options more broadly and deeply, assessing those considerations and focusing your best thinking to build the ‘logic’ of your core business proposition.


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Short tutorials show how to unlock your best thinking at each stage. Offline activities and easy-to-use interactive worksheets help you to work through your thinking and to produce a clear and compelling business proposition.




As you complete the modules and capture your best thinking, your answers are consolidated into your business ‘story’. As your business idea takes shape and you continue to learn and advance your business, you can evolve your story and instantly share it with others to win support.