“The Innovation Readiness survey provided detailed information that revealed what was holding back our progress, and follow-up results showed our progress. We celebrated our successes and challenged ourselves to continue our journey!”


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The Vuka Innovation Readiness survey is a diagnostic tool that measures your enterprise capacity for continually creating and delivering new value to the market. 

This comprehensive survey measures employee perceptions across the critical drivers underpinning innovation success in high-performing organizations.

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Development research 

The Vuka Innovation Readiness survey was designed to measure, diagnose and advance an enterprise’s state of readiness to deliver ongoing innovation. It was developed based on work with thousands of executives in the application of Business Design, academic research aggregated from leading international journals, and consultations with top HR executives.  

Innovation Drivers

Innovation is an enterprise-wide pursuit. Innovation readiness is shaped by the beliefs, practices, systems and structures that define the conditions for ongoing success. Research shows that the following 5 drivers contribute to collective performance:

Strategic Alignment & Performance: Setting and consistently delivering on ambitious goals for the business, and ensuring that the enterprise mission, strategy and priorities are clear and understood across the organization, from top to bottom.

Customer Focus: A deep devotion to understanding the customer and continually seeking ways to improve their experience and deliver new and better value. This is reflected in the mindset of employees, embedded practices and the systems that support a customer-centered culture.

Exploration & Experimentation: The ongoing quest to identify new opportunities, explore ways to deliver new value to the market, and testing your way to delivering value at scale. That calls for an opportunistic approach to building the business and a disciplined practice of turning ideas into business, supported by effective processes and systems.

Collaboration & Co-creation: Working together internally (across disciplines and up and down the organization) and externally with customers and other important stakeholders to build and advance ways to create new value. That calls for a commitment to open exchange and feedback that allows good ideas to grow. 

Commitment & Motivation: Setting enterprise-wide expectations, encouraging new ideas, investing in the resources that are required to bring new ideas to life, and rewarding people for their contributions to value creation. This should be visible and understood throughout the organization and at all levels, and celebrated ongoing.


Your survey results

  • Provide an internal diagnosis of barriers to and enablers of innovation;

  • Pinpoint innovation drivers specific to your organization;

  • Catalyze a dialogue that empowers everyone to contribute to advancing Innovation Readiness;

  • Provide metrics to gauge your innovative capacity over time.