“Design Works covers a holistic approach to using design to create value in any organization.”

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“It expertly and clearly explains the principles of design thinking and connects them to the strategic direction of the enterprise, integrating ‘business’ and ‘design.’ It includes a proven set of tools and tips to help you unleash the power of design in your organization.”



Design Works is a second-edition collection of best practices that serves as a guide to driving innovation in any venture - from start-ups to established enterprises - through the design-inspired and strategic application of Business Design.

This book builds on the fundamental principles of the first edition of Design Works. It expands on how to thoughtfully navigate progress through effective stakeholder engagement and blending design-inspired practices with analytics to build a compelling business case for investment in value-creating efforts. 

It includes valuable frameworks, inspiring stories and practical tools to drive growth and innovation in any type of organization. Clear principles for leading innovation draw from others’ experience to help make the most of talent and resources. New methodologies hone and build on the repertoire of tools in the first edition. New stories provide insights into how a variety of organizations have leveraged the principles and practices of Business Design.

 “THE essential read for design and business now.”

“As a design leader in a giant global enterprise and whose team maintains a vibrant design and design-thinking practice, I regularly encounter business leaders and fence sitters who struggle with breaking paradigms and taking risks that can lead to growth. With her new book, Heather Fraser has unlocked the tactical secrets and outright magic needed to turn these discussions into engagement and action.”

- Robert T. Schwartz,
Vice President, Global Design And User Experience, Ge Healthcare

 “Having been taught by Heather at Rotman and having worked for her at Rotman DesignWorks, Business Design has long been ingrained in my DNA and has been extremely important to my career trajectory.”

“The frameworks, methods, and tools laid out in this book take Business Design to a whole new level of sophistication as a discipline that helps to engage the right people, inspire a new way of thinking, and most importantly align to strategy to build real business value!”

Greg Elcich, Mba ’09
Digital Strategist And Innovation Leader

 “Any business leader who lacks the ideas, frameworks, and tools described in Design Works risks being irrelevant in the ultra-competitive business climate of the future.”

“In this clearly laid out and simple-to-use book, Heather Fraser explains how to apply the methods of Business Design to the most pressing and strategic challenges facing enterprises today.”


 Heather Fraser expertly reveals how Business Design fosters business innovation using an array of real-world case studies.”

This book provides useful tips on integrating design into business strategy to create breakthroughs. An excellent read for companies looking for success through innovation."

- Philip Yeo, Chairman
Economic Development Innovations Singapore