We help enterprise teams identify meaningful new opportunities, create game-changing solutions and strategically focus their path forward to deliver and capture new value.

We do that through the practice of Business Design.

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Business Design is a disciplined approach to innovation and problem solving that integrates human-centered design with business strategy.

This proven approach has helped teams discover new insights, unleash their imagination and ingenuity and devise business strategies to deliver game-changing ideas and win in the market.




We have worked with enterprises of all sizes and across sectors. Our work has included designing transformational business strategies, new customer experiences, more effective innovation processes, and skill-building programs to boost ‘enterprise readiness’ to innovate on an ongoing basis.


Here are 3 tools that can help you make the most of your ideas and talent.

These tools will help turn your ideas into business, tune up your organization to be more
‘innovation ready’ for ongoing value-creation and get the most out of your team’s brainpower.


digital tool

Vuka Works is an interactive thinking tool for those who are ready to put their Business Design skills to work and turn their ideas into business.


Innovation Readiness

Vuka’s Innovation Readiness survey provides a diagnostic picture of the conditions that enable an enterprise to deliver ongoing innovation.


thinking profiles

One Smart World profiles individual thinking preferences, to match thinking modes to the task at hand, and enhance team collaboration.

“Innovation is no longer seen as a stream of activity, but rather the nature of business itself. To thrive and survive, an enterprise must be constantly searching for new ways to create and sustain value.”

- Introduction from Design Works:
A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Value through Business Design