Our team and our extended network of partners offer expertise in business strategy, consumer insights, design, innovation and organizational development.


our Team

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Heather Fraser

Heather is a seasoned strategist, innovator, and educator. Over her career, she has held leadership roles in the corporate world, creative services and education, making her a trusted advisor to many executives and emerging leaders in both the public and private sector. Her bold thinking pushes people’s ambitions, brings clarity to their quest and builds focused strategies for success.


Tyrenny Anderson

Tyrenny is an experienced team leader - inspiring the team and engaging clients throughout the Business Design journey. Passionate about making an impact on the bigger picture, she has held leadership positions in Community Service, Not-for-Profit and Fitness sectors. Tyrenny has a talent for helping people focus on what can be done today to build a better tomorrow.


Patrick Suen

Patrick manages projects with meticulous organizational skills to ensure projects move efficiently and meet the highest standards. He has led high profile projects in Financial Services, High-Tech, Healthcare, Education and Non-Profit with precision and humility. Patrick has a talent for engineering plans that utilize the team’s talent and resources to their fullest.

Dayna Griffiths

Dayna applies artful precision to experience analysis and system design. She distinguished herself in 2014 when her OCADU Industrial Design thesis earned her the DesignForce “NEED” Award, for a design that is Necessary, Educational, Environmentally conscious & Desirable. With a mixture of magic and logic, Dayna turns insights into tangible design recommendations.

Matt Zilli

Matt is our resident logician and storyteller - he has a particular talent for creating clarity from complexity. He has led communication projects in Sports & Fitness, Wearable Technologies and Machine Learning, with an entrepreneurial approach to business. The team relies on Matt’s clear thinking and communication skills to transform abstract concepts into compelling ideas.


Kate Rootman

Kate is a business designer with an infectious enthusiasm for human insight and technology innovation. Resourceful and action-oriented, she’s led multi-national projects in publishing, enterprise marketing services and healthcare technology entrepreneurship. The team relies on Kate to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

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Lauren Thompson

Lauren brings resourcefulness and tactical mastery to making things happen with ease and positivity. With her experience working in the dynamic and fast-paced environments of fashion and start-ups, Lauren ensures that all of the moving parts come together in the most productive way. 


Job Rutgers

Job is a seasoned designer, facilitator and educator. Leveraging years of experience at Phillips Design, he is the principal investigator of the Ambient Experience Lab and a professor of Design at OCAD University. Helping teams map out ideas and processes, Job helps synthesize concepts into elegant systems that retain their human touch.