Innovation demands creativity, resourcefulness, speed and agility.

We help organizations harness their innate capacity to unlock opportunities, create novel solutions, and devise actionable strategies to deliver new value. We do this through the practice of Business Design.

We live in a world of VUCA

(Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity).

The pace of change is accelerating. Managing current realities and innovating toward future success can be a tough balancing act.

This calls for new ways of harnessing the wisdom and talent within your organization.

Every organization has the capacity to innovate.

One letter changes everything, and transforms this imposing force into a liberating call to action: Vuka.

It’s a Zulu word that means ‘to reawaken and to stir into action’.

By engaging people in the innovation process and building new skills, organizations can achieve remarkable results. Our aim is to help you do that through the practice of Business Design.

Business Design blends design-inspired mindsets and methods with good business practices to deliver bigger breakthroughs faster.

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We’ve used Business Design to help organizations across many sectors tackle a wide variety of challenges.